Open to students entering Kindergarten – 6th grade

Registration Cost: $200

Extended Season: July – February!!!!

 (Registration includes: Cheer Bow, Pom Poms, Team Sweatshirt, Team Bag, and Pink Awareness Socks)

~Cheer for Northport-Commack Youth Football Games~

~Participate in Local Parades, Homecoming, and More~

~End of Season Celebration~

– Practices will be divided between Northport and Commack Locations

– Games (Home & Away) will be based on Weekly Youth Football Schedule

-Parent Volunteers Needed

Prior to the start of the season, we will host an Informational Meet & Greet which will take place June 13th from 6:15 – 7:15pm in Northport HS Cafeteria.



Are there tryouts?

No, there are no tryouts at the youth level.  All are welcome. 

When and how often are practices? 

Practice will begin mid to late July and we will typically practice 2x a week until school starts.  Once school starts, practices will be 1x a week. Practices are typically held in the evenings for 1 1/2 hours, approximate start time is 6pm. 

Where will practices be held?

Practices will be held in Northport and Commack.  Dates and times are pending approval from local districts and are subject to change based on availability. 

What will a typical practice look like?

All grades will practice TOGETHER at the SAME TIME. Practices will typically include whole group and small group instruction.  Cheerleaders will cycle through learning cheers, stunts, tumbling, dancing, and much more.  “Teen Coaches” will lead practice and will be assisted by the team parents. 

What will be included in registration fee?

Registration will include a Cheer Bow, Pom Poms, Team Sweatshirt, Team Bag,  and Pink Awareness Socks. A uniform is provided and returned at the end of the season; a uniform deposit check is required and returned when the uniform is returned in good condition). Parents will be responsible for buying white “no show” socks, white cheerleading sneakers, black compression shorts, and a crop top. Other “Cheer Gear” will be avialable for purchase during the season.

What are “Teen Coaches” vs “Team Parents”?

Each team will have “Team Parents” and “Teen Coaches.”  Teen Coaches will be assigned to each team to run practices, provide instruction on cheers, dances, stunts etc., and coach the team during games.  Teen Coaches take the primary role in practice and games.   Team parents are responsible for the managment, logistics, and overall coordination of the team.  Team parents will attend practices, games and events with the team.  The team parent role is to provide team support (i.e. attendance, uniforms, team communications)  and serve as team liason between parents and the league.  More information and specifics will be provided at Team Parent and Teen Coaches meetings. 

How are Team Coaches and Team Parents chosen?

Teen coaches are cheerleaders who have shown a committment to cheerleading through their participation in the league or in Northport or Commack JV/Varsity cheer. This is a great opportunity to show off those leadership skills and give back to the cheer community. Team parents are volunteers.  If anyone is interested in being a Team Parent, please contact us at

What other opportunities are there to volunteer?

We rely on volunteers.  The league is always looking for people to get involved in fundraising, uniform distribution/collection, apparel sales, coordination of events, and much more.  If you are interested or willing to lend a hand, please contact us at

How will teams be divided?

Typically, teams are divided by grade or similar grade.  Specific teams will be determined by registration.

Where will the Cheerleaders cheer?

Cheerleaders will be assigned to Northport Commack Football games on a weekly basis.  Games are BOTH home AND away.  It is our intention that each squad will have one game a week.  Cheerleaders may choose to attend a game with another team due to a scheduling conflict, but must notify coaches and team parent of intention to do so.  In addition to games, it is our intention to have Northport Commack Cheerleaders march in parades and participate in local high school games. If the opportunity is available, we will also participate in special events such as Citi Field Cheerleading Night and/or a Collegiate game. 

When will we know the schedule?

Practice: In the summer, practice is likely 2x a week, however, this will not be every week. During the school year, practices are 1x a week.

Games: Are determined on a weekly basis by the football league.  We will do our best to provide as much advanced notice as possible.  It is important to know that game times and locations are subject to change last minute. 

Will there be summer camp?

YES! Summer camp is a great way to gear up for the upcoming season! At camp you will learn cheers, dances and stunts, in addition to games and activities each day.  Camp dates and location mirror the Northport Commack Youth Football Camp.

Still have questions? Please reach out to us at

Prior to the start of the season, we will host an Informational Meet & Greet. This is tentatively set for June 13th from 6:15 – 7:15pm in Northport HS Auditorium.

We are SO excited for this upcoming season and we look forward to meeting everyone!