Are there tryouts?

No, there are no tryouts at the youth level.


When and how often are practices?

Practice will begin in July and run weekly through the season.


Where will practices be held?

Practices will be held in Northport. Dates and times are pending approval from the school district and are subject to change. Practice times will NOT be known in advance of registration.


What will a typical practice look like?

Practices will include whole and small group instruction. Cheerleaders will cycle through learning cheers, stunts, tumbling, dancing, and much more. Practices may include a single team or multiple teams grouped together depending on building availability.


What will be included in registration fee?

Registration will include the uniform rental, a cheer Bow, Pom Poms, and a team Sweatshirt. A uniform deposit check is required (not deposited) and returned when the uniform is returned in good condition.


What other costs are involved?

  • Raffles – each parent is responsible for selling 10 raffle tickets at $10 each prior to receiving a uniform.
  • Non-Volunteer option – as a volunteer organization, we rely on help from our families, however, we understand everyone is busy.
  • Parents will be responsible for buying “Cheer Gear” which will be available for purchase through the league.
    Cheer gear includes:

    1. white “no show” socks
    2. white cheerleading sneakers
    3. black compression shorts
    4. white crop top


What are “Team Coaches” vs “Team Parents”?

Each team will have “Team Coaches” and “Team Parents.”
Team Coaches will be assigned to each team to run practices, provide instruction on cheers, dances, stunts etc., and coach the team during games.
Team parents support the coaches with non-instructional duties. Team parents are vital to the team and are encouraged to attend practices, games and events.


What other opportunities are there to volunteer?

We rely on volunteers. The league is always looking for people to get involved in fundraising, uniform distribution/collection, apparel sales, coordination of events, and much more.


How will teams be divided?

Teams are divided by grade.


Will my child on cheerleading be able to cheer for my child on football?

This is not guaranteed. Cheerleaders do not cheer for the same team every week so it is unlikely that the schedules will coincide with one another.


Can my child cheer with her sibling/friends in another grade?

Like most sports, teams are divided by grade, so unless they are in the same grade, they will not cheer with each other.


Where will the Cheerleaders cheer?

Cheerleaders will be assigned to home and away Tigers Football games on a weekly basis. In addition to Tigers games, cheerleaders will have an opportunity to take part in special events. In the past these events have included marching in the Cow Harbor Day parade, dancing at Citi Field Dance, going to a Stony Brook University football game, cheering at a Northport Football game and more.


When will we know the schedule?

Practice: Typically, late June
Games: Are determined on a weekly basis by the football league. We will do our best to provide as much advanced notice as possible. It is important to know that game times and locations are subject to change last minute.


Still have questions?

Please reach out to us at