We’ll turn you into the best football player you can be!

We are planning on running regular seasons and all of the programs we normally do, HOWEVER please note, THIS SEASON WILL NOT BE THE SAME AS PAST SEASONS.

Don’t register if you expect the same program that we have had over the years.

Our programs will still be the best, they will cultivate young players who will go on to the middle school and high school prepared for the next level.

Our programs will be run safely, and with professionalism and love for your children, but there will be inevitable changes due to COVID and the current youth sports environment.

Football has changed, leagues have changed, and there are a number of challenges still present. We assure you that we will have a season and games for football, however what exactly that looks like will not be clear until later in the summer.


2021 Season Fee

The 2021 season fee for tackle football will be $285.00.

We ask that at least one family member for each player volunteers to help the league in some capacity. We are always looking for more help and welcome anyone who would like to join us. On the registration form you will see a volunteer area that will list some areas you can help us with.

We also ask that each player sells raffle tickets. We will have a number of different fundraisers throughout the season and one of them will be raffles for various prizes. Each player is required to sell at least 10 raffle tickets, totaling $100.

There is an equipment security deposit check fee of $200.00 for each player’s helmet and shoulder pads. You will receive this check back at end of the season when equipment is returned.


League Information

Northport-Commack Youth Football consists of players who live in the following school districts:

  • Northport-East Northport
  • Commack
  • Harborfields
  • Elwood
  • And towns that do not have their own program


Teams & Age Groups

We have teams in the following age groups:

  • 6 & 7 year old combined age teams – playing 11 and/or 8 man football
  • 8 year old teams – playing 11 and/or 8 man football
  • 9 year old teams – playing 11 man football
  • 10 year old teams – playing 11 man football
  • 11 year old teams – playing 11 man football

The age you are on September 1, 2021 determines what age group you would play in.

The number of teams in each age group and the size of each team depends upon registration numbers and will be determined before August 1st.


Season Details

Practices begin around the middle of July. There are normally 2 to 3 practices a week at Veterans Park. The times and days are determined by the head coach.

Each team plays approximately 8-10 games depending on age group and playoff games.

Home games are at Veterans Park. Away games are played throughout Suffolk and Nassau County. Games normally begin around the second Sunday in September and are played weekly on Sunday mornings/afternoons. Occasionally games are held on Friday or Saturday nights.