We’ll turn you into the best football player you can be!

Northport-Commack Youth Football is a winning program with a rich history and tradition of inspiring players to excel on and off the field. In addition to cultivating competitive football players, we emphasize camaraderie, hard work, school, and family. Our leaders and coaches are some of the most dedicated people in the community who take pride in their role helping to mold players into ambitious and respectful young adults with good values.

Being part of our football program is unlike playing any other sport. Other sports pale in comparison to the close knit feeling, hard work, and sense of accomplishment these kids experience season after season. Check out what people are saying about Northport-Commack Youth Football on our comments page.

There is no shortage of excitement playing for Northport-Commack. Kids get top notch equipment, high quality jerseys with their names printed on the back, good coaching and football instruction. There are many exciting events throughout the season including our Season Kickoff Jamboree, BBQ’s & Tailgates, College Field Trips, Cocktail Party, the Awards Brunch, and more!


2020 Season Fee

You can register for the 2020 season now at NO COST! When registering we will not ask for any credit card information. We do ask that everyone that registers mail a check for the season fee to the address shown below. Your check will not be deposited until we have an official start date for the season. The 2020 season fee for tackle football will be $285.00. We will keep you updated on everything by email.

Northport Youth Football and Cheerleading Club
PO Box 25
Northport, NY 11768

We ask that at least one family member for each player volunteers to help the league in some capacity. We are always looking for more help and welcome anyone who would like to join us. On the registration form you will see a volunteer area that will list some areas you can help us with.

We also ask that each player sells raffle tickets. We will have a number of different fundraisers throughout the season and one of them will be raffles for various prizes. Each player is required to sell at least 10 raffle tickets, totaling $100.

There is an equipment security deposit check fee of $200.00 for each player’s helmet and shoulder pads. You will receive this check back at end of the season when equipment is returned.


League Information

Northport-Commack Youth Football consists of players who live in the following school districts:

  • Northport-East Northport
  • Commack
  • Harborfields
  • Elwood


Teams & Age Groups

We have teams in the following age groups:

  • 6 & 7 year old combined age teams – playing 8 man football
  • 8 year old teams – playing 11 and/or 8 man football
  • 9 year old teams – playing 11 and/or 8 man football
  • 10 year old teams – playing 11 man football
  • 11 year old teams – playing 11 man football

The age you are on September 1, 2020 determines what age group you would play in.

The number of teams in each age group and the size of each team depends upon registration numbers and will be determined before August 1st.


Season Details

Practices normally begin around the middle of July. Unfortunately we do not know our exact start date yet. It will most likely be around the beginning of August. There are normally 2 to 3 practices a week at Veterans Park. The times and days are determined by the head coach.

Each team plays approximately 8-10 games depending on age group and playoff games.

We are part of the Suffolk County Police Athletic League. Home games are at Veterans Park. Away games are played throughout Suffolk County. Games normally begin around the second Sunday in September and are played weekly on Sunday mornings/afternoons. Occasionally games are held on Friday or Saturday nights.